Welcome to first course in Web Dev Track! This is a free collection of tutorials, videos, tests and more all designed to help you learn the basics of web development effectively.

This course goes over the basics of HTML and CSS. By the end of this course, you will be able to build a portfolio website, buy a domain and host it on Netlify, using GitHub!

I’ve tried to pace this course to take less than an hour each day to complete, so even if you get stuck you’ll be able to find a solution and rushing to learn faster will not yield better results. Take your time!

You can always tweet me @kinngh or join our Discord Server for help.

This is an ongoing course and will be updated everyday with a new chapter, and previous chapters may be updated based on community feedback.


A list of tools that you will be using through out the course. There are chapters for setting up all the tools when we need them.

The Course

Section 1: Get started with HTML