These are steps to connect your VSCode instance to your org. There's nothing to understand here, just standard steps to follow.

Open VSCode and press Command + Shift + P for macOS users or Control + Shift + P for Windows users and search for SFDX: Create a new project with manifest.

After a few seconds, you will be greeted with three options. Choose Empty

It will then ask you to name your project. We will be connecting to our developer org, so let's name it My Developer Org

Next, it will open your file explorer and ask you where you want to save your project folder. I usually make a new folder in my Desktop called vscode folder and save it inside the folder. Your project folder will include all the files that you will be writing and uploading, so make sure you save it in a place you can easily access and remember.

Once that is done, you will be greeted with a similar screen:

Press Command + Shift + P for macOS users or Control + Shift + P for Windows users and search for SFDX: Authorize an org.

Select Custom

Now we need to grab the URL of our developer org. For this, sign in to your developer org, open Setup and Switch to Salesforce Classic. Once there, copy the first part of the url. For my case, my full url is but I need only the This will be different for everyone, but the format stays the same. It's always

Copy that URL into the custom login URL section of VSCode and press enter.

Now we need to name this org. I am naming mine DeveloperOrg and press enter.

This will trigger a login screen in your default browser, login and authorize Salesforce CLI to access your org.

Now, on your bottom blue bar, click on No default org set

This will trigger a popup at top, select the Developer Org - we just authorized

If everything goes well, the bottom bar should update to look something like this:

Your final screen should look similar to this:

  • You have your project name open in the left panel in explorer with a bunch of folders like .sfdx, config, etc.
  • Your bottom bar displays the name of org you just connected.
Chatper 4: Download existing code from org