What is Git

Git is a version control system for tracking changes in code. While aimed at programmers, it can be used to track changes in almost any kind of file 1.

To use git, we need git providers. The three most popular git providers are

So what's the difference between a git provider and git? Think of this as, git is your driving skills. You can drive any car you want. A git provider is a car. So you use your driving skills (git) to use a car (git provider).

Why Git is necessary


Git is meant for tracking changes of your code. As needs evolve, so does code and sometimes you want to go back in time and reuse a piece of code that was removed or to track changes that were done by other team members.


With multiple branches and forks of the code, it is possible to create a personal version of the code and then have it merged with the master main branch.


We will be running git purely from the CLI, or Command Line Interface. it's the black window with white / green text we always see in hacker movies. It might get intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, CLI will be just another tool in your arsenal as a developer.


This site, Admin2Dev, is completely managed on GitHub using Git and CLI! So Git isn't just another tool just for tracking changes, it can also be used to deploy websites and other content on production!

Chatper 2: Using Terminal / CLI